Services For Buyers

Commercial Activities

DFO presents a wide and careful selection of brands to retailers each season. Buyers can also purchase brands’ live stock and past inventory.  At end of each retail season, DFO assists buyers to liquidate unsold merchandise through its venues.


For retailers seeking franchise model, DFO sources brands meeting retailer’s specific requests; DFO sets up the franchise system with retailer and brand.

Retail Development & Support

DFO’s experienced team provides support in setting up full-scope retail development plans, from business forecasts, suggested locations, design, merchandising, PR, to sales operations and VIP management.

Buying Office

For retailers with specific brand acquisition requests, DFO leads the negotiation with requested brand(s) and procuring them successfully.

Marketing & Press Activities

Through customized events, PR, and media efforts, DFO’s marketing and press resources can enhance a retailer’s image locally in China as well as internationally.

Crossover Collaborations

DFO assists retailers seeking crossover collaborations with its wide pool of designers.

Consultancy & Data Services

DFO’s research arm provides research, data, and consultancy support for retailers seeking customized solutions.