Services For Brands

Distribution Activities

DFO presents a wide, highly-edited selection of brands to over 1,000 retailers each season.  DFO also assists brands with selling current stock and past inventory.


For brands seeking financial investment, DFO assists brands by connecting brands with the most suitable investing partners and building a strong model aimed at overall growth development.


For brands seeking franchise development, DFO builds a full franchise scheme with its strongest partners.

Retail Development

For brands wishing to enter retail directly, DFO provides full range of services including business plan, design, merchandising, sales operations, PR, and VIP management.

Buying Office

For brands seeking Buying Office services, DFO introduces matching retailers to brands

Marketing & Press Activities

For brands seeking higher brand awareness, DFO provides an array of dedicated marketing & press services, including events, PR campaigns, pop-up stores.

Crossover Collaborations

DFO assists brands interested in crossover collaborations with its wide pool of retailers.

Consultancy & Data Services

DFO’s research arm provides research, data, and consultancy support for brands seeking customized solutions, from creating a new collection to identifying its market and enhancing its penetration.

Supply Chain Optimization

For brands seeking supply chain solutions, DFO sources the most suitable partners for brands from its wide resource pool.

Online & TP Services

With DFO’s expertise in China’s fashion market, we help brands build online distribution on major platforms such as TMALL. DFO provides the complete chain of services from strategic planning, operations, to PR.