For seasons, at DFO we felt that partners and designers from around the world are seeking a solid marketplace where they can meet and engage with Chinese market. As the largest designer showroom in China with more than 1,000 brands nd 1,000 retailers on our database, we wanted to invest our know-how and market resources into DADASHOW – A tradeshow space celebrating innovation, creativity, design and commerce. With DADASHOW, our aim is to nurture an exuberant and sustainable playground for emerging designers that wish to explore the market without the heavy demands of our distribution showroom model.

The mission of DADASHOW is to provide emerging brands with an incubator environment where they can experience the market on a platform pillared by DFO’s industry knowledge.

With DADASHOW, emerging brands are hand-selected by DFO to test waters and to make sure that they have potential on the Chinese market.



7-9 APRIL 2017