Han Kjøbenhavn

Han Kjøbenhavn have created a brand, where the efforts and focus on the soft values around the brand have been equally big as the efforts and focus on the core product.This by itself is not enough, it is equally important that all the creative solutions we do around the brand, is original and unique. This is a core element of the DNA of the company.In addition, we are focused on breaking down conventions and the usual linear processes and thoughts around business and fashion. We have applied a disruption strategy, to break some of the conventions in the classic fashion world. What we have done, is to re-think all the elements that helps drive the product.The strategy and mindset behind our work provides solutions and designs that have deep multi-faceted layers in the stories, messages, characters, and expressions. The more you dive into our work, designs, stories, and themes, the more interesting you will find the creative universe and purpose behind.