What is YOEYYOU? YOEYYOU is not a vague combination of letters, but Voice of designers and a novel expression of fashion. Designers of YOEYYOU do not follow stereotypes. Instead, they break down the conventional thinking, pull their design away from fickle reality, and return to the original. They reorganize aesthetics through minimalist deconstruction, creating a heartfelt dialogue with fashion. YOEYYOU strongly advocated the concept of NO style, which is to abandon the traditional definition for fashion and to create a unique YOEYYOU style. No limits, yet to find boundary. Such a great philosophy of “Existence means non-existence” is ingrained in the design of YOEYYOU, producing a seemingly antagonistic but not abrupt expression.

YOEYYOU pursue the fun of design but also adhere to a serious attitude, studying the intimate relationship between human and fashion. They insist on their own original intention but also carefully consider individual demands. They chase the trend but also retain a classic style. They pursue the ultimate simplicity without lack of elaborate details. They look for new combination of innovation and material but also insist on preserving the original fabric texture. They stubbornly prefer the expression of black and white but also reconcile a rich colour aesthetics.

YOEYYOU is devoted to researching the relationship between human body and lines. It is adept in capturing the subtle changes when fabric touches the body. It’s simple and sleek lines, rich changes and layered cutting reflect the beauty of balance between the garment and its wearer.