United Kingdom | 2014

Thoughts and lifestyle for unique and real woman. Thoughts and ideas that take with us from the heart to the brain of the CUBIC collections. From the moment of inspiration, to the details of the finished garment, CUBIC never loses in its horizon the new contemporary woman, able to find her own way to reflect their personality, staying loyal to herself. For her, CUBIC is more than clothes, is the complement of her everyday, it is not another mask, it is another skin, that helps her to emphasize her mood, character and life philosophy.

For all the non-conformist women of nowadays. Global-thinking working women, that enjoy the pleasures of life, tired of the boring rules of fashion. Why not dressing different, if you think different? CUBIC designs are unique, feminine, funny, easy to wear, elegant and trendy. Quality and design combine with the touch of exclusivity of handmade.


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